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Sentrex systems use computer-controlled active infrared technology to detect the presence of people or objects in the swing path on both sides of a door. Sentrex systems track the position of the door throughout its swing and adjust its detection zone accordingly. The Sentrex sensor heads use active infrared technology to provide continuous zone coverage whether the door is moving or at rest. Energy patterns in multi-dimensional zones detect people or objects in the area of the door.


To meet the demand for improved safety for swing door applications, Stanley Sentrex™ RS is the redundant safety system, providing overlapping presence detection by using both an overhead and an on-door sensor. The Sentrex™ RS is available as an option or as a retrofit upgrade for an existing swing door system.


Sentrex™ Swing Door Sensor systems are available for: Magic-Swing® & Magic-Force™ Swing Doors



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